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Numer 9/2010:

   Olga Kartseva (Editor in Chief
   Installing a Citrix Client on FreeBSD (Andrew L. Gould)
Citrix, like Samba with WinBind and Rdesktop help us access services and applications that may be required for our jobs but may not be available for FreeBSD. These ports are important for FreeBSD Advocacy because they help us integrate FreeBSD into a Windows enterprise environment. In this article, I will discuss the steps for installing the current, xen application version of the Citrix client on FreeBSD 7.3 and FreeBSD 8.1.
   Writing shellcode for Linux and BSD (Daniele Mazzocchio)
A shellcode is a sequence of machine language instructions which an already-running program can be forced to execute by altering its execution flow through software vulnerabilities (e.g. stack overflow, heap overflow or format strings).
32 How To Convert Text to Voice Using Festival and Lame in FreeBSD (Diego Montalvo)
In the summer of 2010 grew a bit bored of building search based apps so I decided to brush the dust off of old Bob IChatter code base. After tons of code rewriting and little sleep, Bob Chatter version 1.0.0 IM|Chat for WebOS devices was released. Release 1.0.1 of Bob Chatter includes a service which converts real-time chat instances into voice files. After realizing first hand there was little documentation regarding FreeBSD and voice technology, I decided to write a tutorial where others could learn from.
37 FreeBSD Squid proxy with Parental Controls How-To (Rob Somerville)
Traditionally, web pages were served via a webserver such as Apache and transmitted via the network on port 80 to a webbrowser. While pages and content were cached in the local browser cache, on larger networks it made sense to use a caching proxy such as Squid to reduce external traffic over the net for frequently fetched pages such as Google.
   Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD Part 2 (Daniele Mazzocchio)
One of Nagios’ key features is its extensibility; new functionality can be easily added thanks to its plugin-based architecture, the external command interface and the Apache ( web server. In this chapter, we will take a look at a few common issues that can be addressed with some of the most popular addons (http:// for Nagios.
50 The Difference Between FreeBSD and Ubuntu in a Not So Technical Way (Joshua Ebarvia)
As a system administrator, I have been using various distributions of Linux and FreeBSD. I am comfortable in a mixed environment of *nix operating systems to provide network services. I will try to differentiate them and be unbiased as possible so as not to start a flame war. I enjoy working with both systems and I like the way they are.

Numer 8/2010:

   Olga Kartseva (Editor in Chief
   Introduction to MidnightBSD (Lukas Holt, Caryn Holt)
MidnightBSD was founded in 2006 by Lucas Holt. The project is a FreeBSD 6.0 fork with an emphasis on creating a desktop focused BSD. While there are other BSD desktop projects (most notably PCBSD and DesktopBSD), we wanted to create an entire desktop centered BSD from the kernel all the way up to the standard applications. We want a BSD that a grandmother could install and use.
16 The FreeBSD Ubuntu challenge (Rob Somerville)
FreeBSD makes a great server, but can it rise to the challenge of running Compiz as a workstation? One of the many criticisms of Open Source software (indeed even FreeBSD) is that it is not ready for the desktop.
36 Replacing Microsoft Exchange Server (Rashid N. Achilov)
Installing set of open-source programs without lack of functionality Instead of Microsoft Exchange Server. This way Groupware-part will be replaced on Horde Groupware.
   Maintenance Systems over BSD (Joseba Mendez)
I was talking in previous articles about how to run applications widely used in the Industry that can be supported by BSD apart of classical IT services. As clear example of this is SAP Suite. SAP covers all possible asset management to control the cost related to production and also maintenance but as per tighted cost in investments today, the Plants must run 24/7 with maximum reliability and productivity possible.
46 Low Resource PCs with FreeBSD (Laura Michaels)
FreeBSD is my pick for best modern operating system to use on older PCs. I can’t believe how many used PCs end up as landfill while students, educators, low income families and others go without a computer at all.
50 Making the Unknown Giant Visible and Known (Joshua Ebarvia)
Making the Unknown Giant Visible and Known FreeBSD has the moniker Unknown Giant. I confirm that it is true in my place. I have asked system administrators, computer enthusiasts, and hobbyist about FreeBSD and they didn’t even know what I’m talking about.
51 Network monitoring with Nagios and OpenBSD (PART 1) (Daniele Mazzocchio)
So our OpenBSD-based network now includes redundant firewalls, domain name servers, a mail gateway and a web proxy cache. (Read previous issues of BSD Magazine) All the services provided by these machines are particularly critical and can’t afford even minimal downtime. Redundancy may give us the time to recover a failure before having angry users trying to knock down our door, but it doesn’t free us from the responsibility to detect and solve ongoing problems.
   MidnightBSD History (System Requirements)

Numer 7/2010:

   Olga Kartseva (Editor in Chief
   Performance Comparison ITTIA DB and SQLite (Sasan Montaseri)
ITTIA DB SQL and SQLite are used by software developers to manage information stored in applications and devices. Designed to be hidden from the end-user, these embedded relational database management systems are linked into the application or irmware as self-contained software libraries.
   Interview with Jeff Roberson (Jesse Smith)
Any administrator who has rushed to bring a system back on-line after a crash knows how frustrating it can be to sit through a filesystem check. It can be a painfully slow, yet necessary process. One BSD developer, Jeff Roberson, has found a way to make all our lives easier and system recovery faster. Jeff took some time out of his very busy schedule to explain some of the bottlenecks in filesystem recovery and how he has gone about speeding up the process.
10 Building a Desktop Firewall with pf and fwbuilder (Dru Lavigne)
This article is an excerpt from the Firewalls and VPNs chapter of the book The Best of FreeBSD Basics (ISBN 9780979034220), published by Reed Media Publishing. Everyone knows that you should be behind a firewall whenever you go online. However, not everyone knows that it’s easy to create a personal firewall for a FreeBSD (or PC-BSD or DesktopBSD) system. This section shows how even a casual home user can get a firewall up and running in about ten minutes
   OpenBSD Some Interesting One Floppy Systems (Juraj Sipos)
One floppy systems are very practical, as they usually have a specific goal, which cannot be said about all Live CD’s.
16 Remote Installation of the FreeBSD Operating System without a Remote Console (Daniel Gerzo)
This article documents the remote installation of the FreeBSD operating system when the console of the remote system is unavailable. The main idea behind this article is the result of a collaboration with Martin Matuska with valuable input provided by Pawel Jakub Dawidek
28 OpenBSD as Mail Server (Daniele Mazzocchio)
In a previous document, we built redundant firewalls using the CARP and PFSYNC protocols; these were the first building blocks of a hypothetical, OpenBSD-based, small private networkthat we are going to build step by step across several documents.
50 FreeBSD Experience and Succes Story (JOSHUA EBARVIA)
In 2007, I was hired as a programmer at University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU). I came from a Microsoft Windows platform and Visual Basic background. At UPOU, there was no room for for my skills since they use various distributions of Linux for servers and open source programming languages for applications development.

Numer 6/2010:

   Olga Kartseva (Editor in Chief
 6 Feature: WebHostingBuzz, (Matthew Russell, Dennis Arkhangelski)
You may have noticed WebHostingBuzz has started to advertise in BSD magazine in recent months. In this article, we catch up with Matthew Russell, CEO and Dennis Arkhangelski, Senior Technical Manager and ask them some questions about their use of BSD within the organisation.
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   Introduction to Nano BSD (Daniel Gerzo)
NanoBSD is a tool developed by Poul-Henning Kamp It creates a FreeBSD system image for embedded applications, suitable for use on a Compact Flash card (or other mass storage medium).
   Secure Your Wireless with IPsec (Dan Langille)
This article will show you one method for locking down your wireless network so that nobody but you can use it. This approach will take you beyond WEP and MAC address filtering, both of which are a good start but have known exploits. This article expands upon the IPsec foundation and demonstrates an easy method for securing your Wireless Access Point (WAP).
   Redundant firewalls with OpenBSD, CARP and pfsync (Daniele Mazzocchio)
Firewalls are among the most critical network components, since their failure may cause entire groups of machines to remain offline. The damage may range from the public (web, mail, etc.) servers to become unreachable to the outside world up to being unable to surf this web site!
   Easier WINE Installation on amd64 FreeBSD (Slawomir Wojtczak (Vermaden))
A short article on easier and faster method of installing WINE on an amd64 FreeBSD system. For those of You for whom WINE term does not ring a bell, here is a little quote from Wikipedia: Wine is a free software application that aims to allow computer programs written for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.’ (...) Wine is not a full emulator, but is instead a compatibility layer,
36 Configuring IP-Based SSL (Skip Evans)
I have a very large PHP/MySQL application running on FreeBSD 6.0. Before we go any further let’s get it out of the way: yes, I should upgrade to a more current version, but when you have a big system running a lot of sites in a live environment, well, you often end up a couple of versions behind the most recent stable release.
   BSD File Sharing - Part 4. SSH (Peter Topiaz)
Last time I wrote on FTP and mentioned its security weakness, this time I intend to write on sharing and transfering files using its encrypted alternatives sftp, scp, and on fuse-sshfs. SSH is neither a file system nor a file transfer protocol nor a sharing tool itself, it is an encrypted protocol, way of secure communication, used by transfering protocols and sharing tools, such as SCP or SFTP and the most interesting and inovative - file sharing system SSH file system (SSHFS) based on the FUSE framework
Let’s talk
42 BSD Opinion (Rob Sommerville)
A sentimental Rob Somerville reflects on his experiences with IT over the years and concludes that the BSD family is yet to be recognised as the shining example of good engineering and innovation we know it is.
   SAP over BSD (Joseba Mendez)
As I did describe in the introduction BSD in the Industry last month, several applications are necessary to support all the Industry areas despite of traditional IT services and can be a big step in the BSD implementation into this world.

Numer 5/2010:

   Olga Kartseva (Editor in Chief)
What’s new
   MaheshaBSD: A Live CD Project From The Lake Mansarovar (Juraj Sipos)
MaheshaBSD is the name for a Live CD project. Why Mahesha? What does it mean? Mahesha is one of the 1008 names of Lord Shiva - Supreme God of the universe who stands above all gods. This name was chosen because Shiva’s weapon is the same as the FreeBSD’s one - the trident. There is yet another important correlation - supremacy of the BSD code, which (as many IT professionals believe) stands supreme above all operating systems. The connection of Lord Shiva and BSD is therefore logical.
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20 OpenBSD as a Primary Domain Controller (Daniele Mazzocchio)
Once a Windows-based network grows beyond around a dozen computers, setting up a Primary Domain Controller to simplify and centralize the management of users, computers and network resources becomes a must. But does the Domain Controller necessarily have to be a Windows machine, thus meaning the end of our project of a completly OpenBSD-based server network?
30 FreeBSD MySQL Clustering How-to (Rob Somervill)
The PHP, MySQL and Apache stack is a very popular implementation on standalone BSD servers but in demanding high availability [HA] environments the twin spectres of redundancy and fail-over rear their heads. In these scenarios, it is essential to eliminate the single point of failure which is the enemy of 100% uptime.
32 BSD FILE SHARING - Part 3. FTP (Petr Topiarz)
Last time I wrote on SAMBA on different BSD’s. This time I am going to dedicate the article of the series to FTP. Some people do not know that the FTP protocol is the true BSD heritage, as it originated in the 1970’s at Berkeley University, so it is the right thing to dedicate it some space in the BSDMag anyway.
36 Exploring HAMMER (Justin Sherrill)
One of DragonFly’s features is a new file system, called HAMMER. HAMMER has, to quote from the man page, instant crash recovery, large file systems spanning multiple volumes, data integrity checking, fine-grained history retention, mirroring capability, and pseudo file systems HAMMER is available by default on DragonFly BSD.
40 Embedded OpenBSD (Daniele Mazzocchio)
Unix-like operating systems aren’t picky at all. Despite the extreme physical conditions, they can take root on those old computers where most (proprietary) operating systems risk extinction and help them, after years of faithful service, to start new lives as firewalls, routers, proxies...
Let’s talk
   Making Sense of Data Management on Intelligent Devices (Ryan Phillips)
The demand for embedded devices is growing rapidly, and there is a clear need for development of advanced software to deliver new features on limited hardware. Data management is a critical component in these new software systems. Embedded databases are used by portable media players to store information about music and video, GPS devices to store map data, and monitoring systems to log information. These and other leading-edge industries have learned the importance of managing data reliably with a relational embedded data management system.
58 BSD in the Industry (Joseba Mendez)
After several years of slavery with windows based programs, many programs related with Industry or Engineering are opening the doors to the new trends of UNIX like OS. This is a natural evolution because as the Economy crisis strikes on whole World, the IT infrastructures are also under pressure to decrease at maximum the overall cost.

Numer 4/2010:

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 6 Modern FreeBSD Install (Slawomir Wojtczak (vermaden))
All these years sysinstall(8) was helping us to install FreeBSD with most needed options. Today it is not anymore up to the task with new filesystems and technologies like gjournal(8) and more important ZFS, swap and full disk encryption with geli(8) or RAID1/RAID0 redundancy/speed increase with gmirror(8) and gstripe(8). Currently sysinstall(8) only supports installation on UFS filesystem with optional SoftUpdates. This article will show You how to create more modern FreeBSD installation without using sysinstall(8)
12 X11 without dbus/hald and with three kings (Slawomir Wojtczak (vermaden))
FreeBSD Handbook suggests (check section 5.4.2 Configuring X11), that running sysutils/hal (hald) and devel/dbus daemons is mandatory to have working x11/xorg... nothing further from the truth.
14 Converting a FreeBSD Port Using PBI Builder (Dru Lavigne)
This is an excerpt from the “Becoming a Developer” chapter of the recently released book, The Definitive Guide to PC-BSD. The Definitive Guide is meant to be so, taking the reader from complete PC-BSD novice to advanced, PC-BSD power user. This means that some of the concepts used in later chapters are covered in detail in earlier chapters. The book is available with a companion DVD of PC-BSD 8.0 from the FreeBSD Mall
18 BSD File Sharing - Part 2. SAMBA (Topiaz Petr)
Last time I wrote about NFS on different BSD’s. This time I am going to dedicate this article of the series to SAMBA Why SAMBA? Well, while samba is far from being a reliable well secured tool for sharing, it definitely is very usable in terms of sharing files with various versions of MS Windows.
22 Running VirtualBox OSE with VNC under FreeBSD 8.0 (Rob Somerville)
VirtualBox is a type 2 hypervisor that sits directly on top of the host-server OS and is suitable for server, desktop and embedded applications. It will run most OS’s as guest with few exceptions, and like Vmware * there are many pre-built VM’s available.
28 FreeBSD Firewall with Transparent Proxy Server, DHCP Server and Name Server (Joshua Ebarvia)
If you need Internet-sharing to be available to share allow your network to access the web using only one public IP Address, you need to setup a gateway. FreeBSD has all the
32 The Squid and the Blowfish (Daniele Mazzocchio)
We have grown so much accustomed to Internet access on our work computers, that we can hardly imagine what people ever did all day long on their workplace before! By providing access to a virtually endless amount of information, the Internet has quickly turned into an essential working tool. So essential that most companies can’t do without it anymore. But besides providing a huge amount of information, the Internet has also turned into the main virus vehicle (togetherwith e-mail) and doesn’t exclusively provide content in line with corporate policies. That’s why a proxy server is often as necessary as the Internet connection itself.
Let’s talk
48 Hosting Environment Network and Firewall Redundancy with the BSDs (Chris Buechler)
With many large websites and hosting providers relying on BSD operating systems to power their businesses, it only makes sense that many smaller providers take the same path.
52 Comparison of FreeBSD And OpenBSD: Not One Cake But The Two Ones (Jurai Sipos)
The purpose of this article is to highlight some differences between the two BSD operating systems - FreeBSD and OpenBSD. It is because there is a significant lack of such information, as BSD systems somewhat keep hidden in seclusion. To help readers understand what the term BSD means, some terminological and historical aspects are presented too.
56 Introducing Beastie to Strangers (Jesse Smith)
When PC-BSD 8 first came out back in February, I installed the operating system on two of my machines and was very impressed with the new release. It was fast, powerful, flexible and worked well with my hardware. Not only was I thrilled with the latest release from the PC-BSD team, but I wanted to share my experience with others. I had visions of an army of Beasties peacefully invading homes, public access terminals, schools and businesses. And while I felt this BSD product had earned a place on my desktop machine, I was curious to see how other people would react to it - not just people in the IT field or people who were already open source enthusiasts, but everyday Joe and Jane Users.

Numer 3/2010:

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 6 Buil Your Own FreeBSD Update Server (Jason Helfman)
Experienced users or administrators responsible for several machines or environments, know the difficult demands and challenges of maintaining such an infrastructure. The article outlines the steps involved in creating an internal FreeBSD Update Server.
14 Using OpenBSD and PF as a Virtual Firewall for Windows (Pedro Lereno)
The Windows firewall, by default, has many open ports to the local network, like the file and print sharing service ports, which are the source of many security holes. How to protect a Windows host with a basic configuration of an OpenBSD virtual machine with PF as a NAT router and firewall?
44 Spam Control with a stock OpenBSD install (Girish Venkatachalam)
Ever since e-mails became ubiquitous unwanted e-mails or spam also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial E-mail) or UBE (Unsolicited Bulk E-mail) also became popular. Any chance to control this? OpenBSD has an excellent method to fight spam and this article is about it.
48 Choosing and Installing a Window Manager with FreeBSD (Rob Somerville)
Step by Step installing with comments and advice. One of the many attractive features of BSD is that the end-user is not tied to a particular desktop or windowing environment.
54 BSD Live Desktops (Jesse Smith)
Last week Zafer Aydogan, founder of Jibbed, and Stefan Rinkes, founder of GNOBSD, agreed to talk with Jesse Smith about their projects (from which BSD community will surely benefit), themselves and BSD.

Numer 2/2010:

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 6 A first look at PC-BSD 8 release (Jan Stedehouder)
10 Installing and securing an Apache Jail with SSL on FreeBSD (Rob Somerville)
16 The gemstones for FreeBSD (Marko Milenovic)
20 OpenBSD, NetBSD and FreeBSD as file sharing servers - Part 1 - NFS (Petr Topiarz)
24 Ipsec VPNs: An Introduction to IKE and Ipsec (Paul McMath)
38 LDAP on FreeBSD (Eric Vintimilla)
44 Secure and stable mailservers with OpenBSD and qmail (Matthias Pfeifer)
52 Web Server Benchmarking (Mikel King)
54 BSD Tips and Tricks (Machtelt Garrels)
56 Interview with Olivier Cochard - Labbe, Founder of FreeNAS (Jesse Smith)

Numer 1/2010:

23 Keeping FreeBSD Up-To-Date: OS Essentials (Richard Bejtlich)
An important system administration task, and a principle of running a defensible network, is keeping operating systems and applications up-to-date. This article presents multiple ways to do that.
26 Using BSD for your Studies (Edd Barrett)
About four years ago Edd was starting his undergraduate computing degree. He knew that UNIX-like operating systems had proven themselves in the server room, but how would they fare in the lecture theatre?
30 The FreeBSD Chatterbox (Eric Vintimilla)
Day in and day out, your FreeBSD sits there quietly, processing its workload. It never complains or asks for any favors, but what would it say if it could talk? The answer to that question is easy. It will say whatever you want it to. Make your FreeBSD more talkative with Festival.
32 Encrypting the FreeBSD root file system (Jacques Manukyan)
Systems are only as secure as you make them. Thankfully, FreeBSD offers an excellent range of tools and mechanisms to insure that all your security needs are met.
40 Setting up PC-BSD as a server (Jan Stedenhouder)
PC-BSD is so easy to install and the KDE-desktop easy enough to use that we might almost forget it’s roots as server operating system. Now, and in the future, the majority of desktop users might not consider this piece of information of any value.
44 How to Build a Scalable Search Engine Using the BuildaSearch Web Service (Diego Montalvo)
While other articles do a fantastic job focusing on core BSD technology, I feel that it is also important to cover web services powered by BSD systems.
48 Is NetBSD ready for a desktop? (Petr Topiarz)
In this article Petr is focusing on the usability of the NetBSD as a desktop. He shows what NetBSD can do today and whether it is mature enough to challenge PCBSD or Linux. If you want to know, start reading!
56 FreeBSD on the SheevaPlug (Donald T. Hayford)
Though NetBSD is better known for supporting a wide variety of processors and systems, FreeBSD has an active embedded component, as well. In this article, we’ll take a look at the ARM-based SheevaPlug and show you how to boot your Plug using FreeBSD.
64 Email server in FreeBSD (Francisco Reyes)
This tutorial is a step by step guide on how to setup your own mail server using Postfix as the Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) and Dovecot as the IMAP server and as the authenticating agent for Postfix.
70 Monitoring OpenBSD with Symon (Matthias Pfeifer)
Once you have your OpenBSD Server running, you might want to monitor your machine. There are several ways to do this and there is a large amount of tools you could use for it. One of these tools I will show you in this how-to article is Symon.
72 BSD as the Platform for Connecting Strategy to Operations Through a Data Concourse Service (Richard C. Batka)
A major change is about to take place in large organizations worldwide and BSD is positioned perfectly to play a starring role. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
78 BSD Tips and Tricks (Dru Lavigne)
   How to Rename Ethernet Interfaces Under FreeBSD (Mikel King)
82 Year 40 of the UNIX epoch begins (Brian D’Arcangelo)

Numer 4/2009:

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 6 Installation of OpenBSD (Ivan “Rambius“ Ivanov)
As usual we are presenting a step-by-step tutorial for those who are just starting their journey with BSD. This time Ivan shows you the way to install and configure OpenBSD 4.5.
14 DVD content Postgresql, shared memory and BSD (Barry Fox)
Barry prepared a series of articles comparing a basic installation of Postgresql on various flavors of BSD. This first article discusses the configuration on FreeBSD (including a quick overview of the install process), and go through some shared memory settings in the postgresql.conf file.
24 Triple booting Windows 7, Ubuntu 9.04 and PC-BSD 7.1 (Jan Stedehouder)
In this article Jan gives a step-by-step guide to installing three different operating systems on the same hard drive.
30 BuildaSearch a FreeBSD Web Service (Diego Montalvo)
Diego talks about BuildaSearch - a web service which allows users to build a custom search engine or site search in less than five minutes.
32 Web Servers for Embedded NetBSD (Donald T. Hayford)
Don discusses in details building w web servers on NetBSD.
38 Out-of-the-box sshfs on NetBSD 5.0 (Antti Kantee)
Sshfs makes it possible to mount a remote directory tree onto the local machine. Interested how? Antti shows you step-by-step what you need to do.
Security corner
42 FreeBSD Security - Event Auditing (Christian Brueffer)
Security is increasingly a hot topic in systems administration. Vulnerable systems get patches, firewalls get set up and password policies are enforced. But in the end, all these measures cannot eliminate the risk of a system break-in. They can only reduce it...
44 Securing OpenSSH server (Marko Milenovic)
This time Marko provides a great how-to on securing OpenSSH server.
50 Stop Hackers With Protection Script (Svetoslav P. Chukov)
You don’t feel your server is secure? Svetoslav shows you how to stop hackers
56 OpenBSD on the Sharp Zaurus (Michael Hernandez)
Michael presents Shard Zaurus and walks you through the installation of OpenBSD on this platform.
58 Useful ssh tips and tricks (Mikel King)
Let’s talk
60 Interview with Albert Whale (BSD team)
62 Interview with Matt Juszczak (Mikel King)
64 FreeBSD Jails (Josh Paetzel)

Numer 3/2009:

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 6 Installing FreeBSD 7.1 with Enhanced Security (Jails) (Remko Lodder)
This article will guide people that are new to FreeBSD on installing the software and enhancing it’s security by setting up FreeBSD jails that will give service to for example an webserver.
18 OpenSMTPD (Gilles Chehade)
In this issue I will shamelessly take the opportunity to write about the smtp server that was imported into the OpenBSD source tree last November. It isn’t enabled yet, it isn’t even linked to the build, but it is doing good progress and this article will describe what it currently does.
24 Getting a GNOME Desktop on FreeBSD (Jan Stedehouder)
‘Why would you want to install GNOME on FreeBSD? It’s a KDE system!’ This summarizes some remarks I got when checking out how to install the GNOME desktop environment on a FreeBSD box.
28 Packaging Software for OpenBSD - Part 2 (Edd Barrett)
In the last article in this series, we looked at how to package a simple piece of open source software for OpenBSD. In this article we build on what we learned last time and move onto some more advanced features provided by the ports system in order to package software with more complex needs.
32 A Jabber Data Transfer Component (Eric Schnoebelen)
So, you’ve got your Jabber server up and running, the family using it, and you’re still in contact with your friends on the „walled garden” networks. You’re having family meetings in using a conference room, and all the family communications are secure. What next?
36 Building a FreeBSD Wireless Router (Eric Vintimilla)
Why use a FreeBSD machine as a wireless access point? Don’t most Internet Service Providers give you a free modem/ router? While this may be true most of the time, it is not always the case. Besides, building your own is easy, and it gives a great deal of options for both System Administrators and control freaks alike!
Security corner
44 LDAP Authentication on OpenBSD Boxes (Nicolas Grenèche)
LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a massively used protocol to store user’s information. This protocol is implemented in OpenLDAP, a directory software available on every operating system’s package manager.
48 FreeBSD and Snort Intrusion Detection System (Svetoslav P. Chukov)
What is an intrusion detection system? The Intrusion Detection System shortly called IDS is a software and/or hardware designed to help you to detect attempts of accessing computer systems, mainly through a network, such as the Internet.
54 Build An Embedded Video Web Server With NetBSD (Donald T. Hayford)
While it’s safe to say that the recently developed USB video driver was built and tested using only a desktop “i386compatible” machine, the beauty of NetBSD is that the same driver will work on any NetBSD-supported hardware. So grab your favorite embedded processor and let’s try some video.
Tips & tricks
60 FreeBSD Tips (Dru Lavigne)
Whether you’re new to FreeBSD or have been using it for some time, learning a new trick or two can save you time and increase your user experience.
64 Maintaining System Configuration Files Using Subversion (Mikel King)
Recently I was asked about maintaining a data center full of servers. More specifically about maintaining a repository of the configuration files for all servers in the data center. And this is what I am going to show you in this article.
66 Q&A about Dtrace (Federico Biancuzzi)
Federico interviews John Birrell and George Neville-Neil about Dtrace - a dynamic tracing system developed by Sun Microsystems

Numer 2/2009:

What’s new
   BSD news (Karolina Lesińska)
Short articles devoted to latest news, releases, and other projects from BSD world.
Dvd content
   DVD content description (Karolina Lesińska)
A description of DVD content - check what we have prepared for you this time.
Get started
10 Installing PC-BSD fibonacci edition (Jerry Dixon)
Jerry Dixon discusses the instalation and configuration of PC-BSD Fibonacci edition presenting the minimum and recommended hardware requirements step-by step.
10 PC-BSD - Making Your Life Easier (Matt Olander)
Article in which Matt Olander provides you with tips and tricks on PC-BSD - a Unix-like operating system empowered by FreeBSD designed for everyday desktop user.
16 Software management simplfied: PC-BSD and the PBI system (Jan Stedehouder)
In this article Jan Stedehouder explains how to find out what is the best way of installing software on a FreeBSD-based system.
30 Using FreeBSD for Off-Site Backups (Eric Vintimilla)
Thanks to Eric Vintimilla you will find out how to turn your FreeBSD Computer into a lean, mean, multimedia backup machine.
32 Building NetBSD for Embedded Systems Using Cygwin (Donald T. Hayford)
Donald T. Hayford introduces you to the process of building NetBSD for Embedded Systems using Cygwin.
40 ABC’s of ZFS (Amjith Ramanujam)
In this article Amijith Ramanujam explains the ZFS - state of the art file system developed by Sun Microsystems, first introduced in the OpenSolaris operating system, later on ported to FreeBSD7.
   Django on FreeBSD (Dan Fairs)
Dan Fairs, Director of Fez Consulting Ltd., a UK-based software development consultancy, introduces Django: a web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
52 Open Source Studio to Transmitter Link (OSSTL) (Jason Ellison)
Jason Ellison explains the usage of an Open Source software in the local radio station.
66 Green Eggs and BSD... (Mikel King)
Mikel gives you his thoughts about BSD and its use in general.

Numer 1/2009:

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10 NetBSD install (Patrick Pippen)
Patrick Pippen shows step-by-step how to install NetBSD one of the four major BSD systems available within the open source world today.
22 BSD live cd’s an entry level acquaintance? (Jan Stedehouder)
In this article Jan will look at live cd’s based on BSD. Which cd’s are available and which live-BSD’s exist that might point a novice BSD-user, albeit with some Linux experience, in the right direction?
28 How it works? Opensolaris, FreeBSD, OpenSuSe (David Gurvich)
This article is a comparison of Opensolaris-200805, FreeBSD 7 and OpenSuSe11. The evaluation includes initial installation, device support, installing additional programs, and ease of use.
38 GDB and you - part 1 (Carlos Neira)
Security corner
42 Installing Prelude IDS (Henrik Lund Kramshøj)
In his article Henrik goes through the steps needed to implement Prelude IDS on NetBSD as an example of the easy use of NetBSD and also introduce a mature enterprise system for logging and detecting bad things.
46 If it moves! crypt it hard drive encryption on BSD (Marko Milenovic)
In a world where security has become the highest priority encryption has become very popular way of protecting sensitive data. In this article Marko shows some of the best solutions for encrypting in BSD family of operating systems.
50 Packaging Software for OpenBSD -part 1 (Edd Barrett)
The OpenBSD ports system offers developers a versatile way to make binary packages for OpenBSD. In this series of articles Edd demonstrates how you can make your own packages for OpenBSD.
54 Play Music on Your Slug With NetBSD (Donald T. Hayford)
In an earlier issue of BSD magazine, we learned how to boot NetBSD on the Linksys NSLU2 (Slug). This time Donald wants to teach our Slugs to play music, and at the end of the article he takes a brief look the Slim data protocol.
62 Interview with Simon Burge, Antti Kantee, and Greg Oster (Federico Biancuzzi)
Simon Burge, Antti Kantee, and Greg Oster talk about WAPBL (Write Ahead Physical Block Logging ) that provides metadata journaling for file systems and is used with the fast file system (FFS) to provide rapid file system recovery after a system outage.

Numer 2/2008:

What’s new
   BSD news (Karolina Lesińska)
Here you will find the future projects from BSD world, new releases and solutions, and much more- directly from people involved most in BSD community.
Dvd contents
   DVD contents description (Karolina Lesińska)
If you are curious what is covermounted this time in our magazine you can find everything here
Get started
10 OpenBSD 4.3 Installation&Configuration (Gilles Chehade)
If you are new to OpenBSD distribution, Gilles guides you through the process of installing and configuring.
10 OpenBSD (Gilles Chehade)
Gilles teaches how to provide the best development platform in form of a step-by-step tutorial for development station, server development, setting up the accounts and mail notification.
   You have installed it? Now what? Packages! (Peter N.M. Hansteen)
Peter give you the kick-start on packages, shows how to use them effectively and without much effort.
   BSD Certification by BSD Certification Group (Machtelt Garells)
Machtelt discusses the certification that is being developed by the BSD Certification Group Advisory Board- people who are actively involved in different BSD projects, key figures in their communities.
30 Building an OpenBSD SAMP Server with Content Filtering Proxy (Rob Somerville)
In this article Rob demonstrates how to build an OpenBSD server from scratch with Squid, Apache, MySQL, PHP and Webadmin.
38 OpenBSD as a Desktop (Petr Topiarz)
40 Inside the PBI System... (Svetoslav P. Chukov)
The author presents PBI - PC BSD installer with its unique and very useful package management system.
50 Kernel File System Development in Userspace (Antti Kantee)
In this article Antti describes the kernel as a programming and testing environment. He also describes the kernel code way of testing and developing - all that to make it more comfortable for the user.
In business
58 OpenBSD and Making Money (Girish Venkatachalam)
Even though corporations accuse Open Source for being unable to bring in the profits, in this article Girish shows that it is a serious bussiness that can make you rich.
61 Absolute FreeBSD 2nd Edition (Xavier Brinon)
In this article Xavier analyses the Absolute FreeBSD 2nd edition - the Complete Guide to FreeBSD, a book written by Michael W. Lucas
62 PC-BSD in Schools (iXsystem)
iXsystem presents PC-BSD in schools on the example of Polux School success story.
65 Interview with OpenBSD developer Damien Bergamini (Federico Biancuzzi)
Federico Biancuzzi talks about WPA with Damien Bergamini, the developer who made a huge work for OpenBSD wireless subsystem.
66 Mac OS X the Other BSD (Mikel King)
Mikel King introduces Mac OS X - the other BSD.

Numer 1/2008:

Get started
10 FreeBSD 7.0 installation & configuration (Dru Lavigne)
Dru Lavigne shows step-by-step how to install and configure FreeBSD 7.0
14 FreeBSD’s bsnmp (Michael W. Lucas)
A great review of Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). In this article, you will learn how SNMP provides information to a network manager, how to use SNMP clients on your workstation, how to configure bsnmpd on FreeBSD and finally, how to enable and disable different SNMP functionalities.
18 Pushing BSD as an open source desktop (Jan Stedehouder)
Jan Stedehouder focuses your attention on two desktop operating systems that are firmly routed in FreeBSD. Let's take a closer look at PC-BSD and DesktopBSD.
24 PC-BSD overview (Svetoslav P.Chukov)
Svetoslav P. Chukov walks you through the installation and configuration of PC-BSD - a fairly new project aiming at making FreeBSD user-friendly.
30 Sguil 0.7.0 on FreeBSD 7.0 (Richard Bejtlich)
Richard Bejtlich demonstrates and features one way to install Sguil on FreeBSD.
34 How to Dual-Boot Vista with BSD - a step-by-step approach (Jay Kruizenga)
It does not have to be a nightmare to install BSD alongside Vista... Jay Kruizenga shows step-by-step how to prepare your Vista hard drive to accept BSD.
   Keep smiling, waste spammers’ time (Peter N.M.Hansteen)
Peter N.M. Hansteen shows how to easily deal with spam and have a good time while doing it.
44 Defense in Depth and FOSS (Henrik Lund Kramshøj)
Henrik Lund Kramshoj introduces Defense in Depth - an application which can help you lessen the burden while increasing security stance for your infrastructure and servers.
48 NetBSD on the NSLU2 (Donald T. Hayford)
Donald T. Hayford teaches how to boot your NSLU2 into a full version of NetBSD.
54 OpenBSD pf - the firewall on fire (Girish Venkatachalam)
In this article we will take a look at OpenBSD pf - Girish Venkatachalam presents its most useful features and dives into the details like configuration.
58 Instant Messaging with jabber/XMPP (Eric Schnoebelen)
Communication in the local network - Eric Schnoebelen shows how to install and configure one of the jabber servers.
62 Interview with FreeBSD developer Jeff Roberson (Federico Biancuzzi)
Learn more about the work done by FreeBSD developers in SMP land. Federico Biancuzzi interviews Jeff Roberson, the creator of the ULE scheduler.
What’s new
64 Future BSD projects (News)
Short articles covering the latest news from BSD world - new releases, great BSD projects and many more BSD related issues.
64 What is in a certification (Mikel King)
Mikel King shares his thoughts about the need for a certification developed by the BSD Certfication Group.
Dvd contents
   DVD contents descriptions (Katarzyna Kaczor)
Here you can check what extras we have prepared for BSD Magazine readers.
66 The Book of PF by Peter N.M.Hansteen (Henrik Lund Kramshøj)
This is a book about building the network you need using PF - a great review of the book by Peter N.M. Hansteen.